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Screenplay Editing


Basic Package: Format/Grammar/Base Delivery Time

Standard Package: Basic + Faster Delivery

Premium Package: Basic + Faster Delivery + Dialogue Improvement + Word Choice

Ultimate Package: Basic + Faster Delivery + Dialogue Improvement + Word Choice + 1-Page Overall Notes

*All prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD).

*If you haven’t sent us your Source File(s) and Order Requirements already, please send all the info above to us at along with your Order Number after you place the order.

*We currently support Credit/Debit Card payment and PayPal through our website’s checkout system. If you wish to pay your order via e-Transfer, or any other payment method not listed, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Please do not hesitate to contact us at for more information.

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If you haven’t done so already, please submit the script(s) you need us to work on



We accept scripts submitted in any one of the following file formats:

fdx, fadein, pdf, txt, doc, docx, pages


Our experienced screenplay editors are well familiar with the industry standard screenplay format. Upon request, a screenplay editor will help you correct, improve and polish the grammar, formatting, and dialogues of your script. All you need to provide is the source file of your work (for example, .fdx file for Final Draft) and we’ll deliver you a production-ready screenplay.

Note: The prices are set for screenplays written in industry-standard screenplay format. If your screenplay is not formatted according to the standard, please Contact Us and the charge will be adjusted to reflect the overall workload.


Base Delivery Time (days)

Base Delivery Time (Days)
Up to 30 Standard Script Pages

7 days

Up to 60 Standard Script Pages

8 days

Up to 90 Standard Script Pages

9 days

Up to 120 Standard Script Pages

10 days

Up to 150 Standard Script Pages

11 days

Package Tiers

Basic Standard Premium Ultimate



Base Delivery Time

Faster Delivery

(2 days faster than Base Time)

Dialogue Improvement

Word Choice

1-Page Overall Structural and Story Notes

Script Pages (Up to)

30, 60, 90, 120, 150

Package Tier

Basic, Standard, Premium, Ultimate